1. What affects my indoor air quality?

    Many people are becoming more conscious about living a “greener,” more eco-friendly existence on earth. A great way you can make a difference is by starting with the air in your home! Do you know what could be affecting the air quality inside your home? It’s possible to experience symptoms of …Read More

  2. Should I cover my AC condenser? | AA Temperature Services SWFL

    Should I cover my outside AC unit?

    Covering your AC condenser - a component of your HVAC cooling system that sits outside - may seem like a great way to protect your system from environmental elements. However, from the advice of our skilled technicians, it’s recommended to not cover the condenser. Often, our customers call us aski…Read More

  3. Clogged AC Drain | AA Temperature Services

    How to Unclog AC Drain Line

    We've had many customers ask us: ”I just received my routine maintenance a couple months ago… why is my AC drain line leaking? Shouldn’t the drain line have been cleared at the time of maintenance? How do I unclog the AC drain line?” These are all great questions and we’re happy to help an…Read More

  4. Champion HVAC Products in Southwest Florida | AA Temperature Services

    All About Champion Air Conditioning Products

    At AA Temperature Services, we strive to provide quality, dependable, and efficient HVAC equipment to all of our customers in the Southwest Florida area. We proudly offer Champion air conditioning systems, which come from the same manufacturer as a York model.  About Champion Products Both York and…Read More

  5. HVAC Quick Fixes | AA Temperature Services Florida

    Fast Fixes to Common HVAC Problems

    Is your HVAC system not turning on? Or are you experiencing little to no air flow from your vents? There are a few things that you can try that may get your system back up and functioning quickly, until you can have one of our professional techs out for service. Quick Fix #1: Check your air filter O…Read More

  6. Clogged AC Drain | AA Temperature Services

    AC Drain Line Clogged? Here’s how it happens

    A common issue that many Florida residents experience with their AC systems is a clogged drain. Unfortunately, environmental factors combined together -- such as humidity, saltwater, and particulate matter -- are a recipe for a disaster in your AC unit! As condensation drips off the coil, all the li…Read More

  7. Champion Mini Split Installation | AA Temperature Services - Southwest Florida HVAC Pros

    What Is A Mini Split HVAC System?

    Mini split systems for HVAC offer a flexible solution to cooling and heating your home, whether it be for a specific room that isn't cooling properly, for an addition to your home, or even for the entire home! Is a mini split cooling and/or heating system right for you? Single-Zone or Multi-Zone Min…Read More

  8. Frozen AC: What to do | AA Temperature Services Southwest Florida

    AC Frozen? Here’s what to do

    A common problem with air conditioning systems is that the AC coil may freeze under certain conditions. A frozen AC coil can cause a number of problemswith your cooling system, not to mention water damage! And, of course, your system won't be able to properly cool the home if the coil is frozen — …Read More

  9. HVAC 101: What is an air handler? | AA Temperature Services Southwest Florida

    What is an air handler?

    If your home has ducts and vents, your AC and heating system should be what is called a "forced air" system. This means that the conditioned air — either heated or cooled — is blown throughout your home by an air handler. But, what exactly is an air handler and how does it work? Air handler basi…Read More

  10. Dirty AC Coil

    What to do about a dirty AC coil

    Is the air coming from your vents warm? Does your system stop and restart continuously? Is there any frost built up on your AC? If you are experiencing any of these issues it is a good indicator that the evaporator coil — also known as an AC coil — may need to be replaced. A few other signs to l…Read More