Clogged AC Drain | AA Temperature Services

A common issue that many Florida residents experience with their AC systems is a clogged drain. Unfortunately, environmental factors combined together — such as humidity, saltwater, and particulate matter — are a recipe for a disaster in your AC unit! As condensation drips off the coil, all the little particles that had gathered on the coil then go down the drain. Algae, mold, and mildew can form because of that – which inevitably leads to a clogged drain.

Avoid Clogged Drains With A Drain Cleaning Machine

We recommend that all of our customers install a drain cleaning machine! The reason for this is that routine maintenance on your AC system and equipment doesn’t address the external factors — such as the environment — that cause clogged drains. A drain cleaning machine ensures that your system can operate clog-free. It does this by spraying a cleaning solution into the drain. This prevents algae and mold from forming, and works hard to keep the drain free of clogs.

What About Adding Vinegar To The Drain?

Although pouring vinegar into the drain may seem like a simple solution to keep your drain from clogging, there is no guarantee that this will work in the real world. Typically this would be a “quick fix” that won’t last, and nobody wants to keep remembering to do it either! Our drain cleaning systems come with a 2-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty, and ensure that the drain is cleaned automatically and regularly.

When our technicians come out to perform routine maintenance on your AC, they can add more drain cleaning solution to the unit for an additional charge – which is a convenient way to ensure your AC drain stays clog-free.

Interested In Installing A Drain Cleaner?

If you have any questions about the drain cleaning machine we offer or would like to have one installed, please give our staff a call at 941-766-0975!