Clogged AC Drain | AA Temperature Services

We’ve had many customers ask us: ”I just received my routine maintenance a couple months ago… why is my AC drain line leaking? Shouldn’t the drain line have been cleared at the time of maintenance? How do I unclog the AC drain line?” These are all great questions and we’re happy to help answer this!

Your AC drain lines are checked during regular tune ups

Our technicians check and clear the drain lines to make sure there are no blockages in the drain at every AC maintenance appointment. Especially in the Florida heat and humidity, moisture, dust, particulate matter, and other environmental pollutants will collect on the AC coil over time. And – of course! – this moisture has to go somewhere. 

As the moisture builds up, it drips down off of the coil and into the drain line, taking all the dirt and debris with it. This mixture of moisture, dirt, and other contaminants can create a slimy build up of algae in your drain line. Given the Florida weather, this can happen very quickly.

How can I tell if my drain line is clogged?

A common sign that your AC drain line is clogged is simply if you see water starting to pool around the unit. You may also notice a musty or moldy smell coming from your vents.

Also, your system may automatically turn off if the float switch detects a clog. A float switch is a safety feature that helps detect the clog, so that way it may stop the drain from overflowing. 

The best way to avoid clogged drain lines?

At AA Temperature Services, we highly recommend a special drain cleaning machine for our customers in Florida. The drain cleaning machine mists a solution into your AC drain that helps to stop algae and slime from blocking it over time. 

Our drain cleaner machine comes with a guarantee that your drain won’t clog – and if it does, there will be no service call fee for us to come out and fix the issue!

What about adding vinegar to the drain? This is generally a “quick fix” and will not resolve the issue in the long term, but may help in the very short term.

What are some other things I can do?

  • Of course, we have to mention regular AC tune ups. Our technicians will check your drain line during the maintenance to see if it is clogged.
  • Regular AC Filter Changes: This can help prevent dirt and debris from collecting on the AC coil, reducing the amount of sludge that could potentially end up inside the drain line.
  • Whole Home Air Purification: an iWave is a whole home air purifier that gets installed directly into your HVAC system. It sits right before the blower motor and as the air goes through your system, the iWave produces equal amounts of positive and negative ions. The positive and negative ions cling to each other and while doing so, they combine themselves with the dust and particulate matter that was caught in between. This creates a bigger cluster of particles which helps these pollutants get easily caught in your air filter. Some particulate matter is so small that it can go right through your air filter.

Call AA Temperature Services to resolve your clogged drain line woes!

Our friendly and professional HVAC technicians can fix your problem – and help you avoid a clogged drain in the future! During routine maintenance, we will check your filter and let you know if it needs to be replaced. If you have an extra filter on hand, we can swap them out for you. They can also install an iWave and a drain cleaning machine to make sure that your system never experiences a clogged drain again. Call us today at 941-766-0975 to get a quote over the phone, or contact us online!