Should I cover my AC condenser? | AA Temperature Services SWFL

Covering your AC condenser – a component of your HVAC cooling system that sits outside – may seem like a great way to protect your system from environmental elements. However, from the advice of our skilled technicians, it’s recommended to not cover the condenser. Often, our customers call us asking for these – here’s why it may not be the good idea it seems to be!

AC condenser covers can cause moisture buildup

First, if there is any moisture in your AC system and you decide to put a cover on it, this can cause mold and rust to form. HVAC systems are made with high quality steel to ensure that they can withstand all the different climate conditions that mother nature throws at us. Adding a cover to your AC also restricts airflow and ventilation throughout the unit, which also helps to reduce moisture build up.

AC condenser covers can make pest management worse

Second, an AC condenser cover may not be the best pest prevention step. Many people say this is an effective way to keep mice, rats, birds and other critters out of your condenser. In reality, the cover provides the critters with a nice warm spot in which to build their nest and start their families! As they start to take over your AC, they can ruin the main components and electrical wires of your unit, if the problem is ignored.

Remember that the material that your AC was made from was made to endure the harshest weather conditions. If there isn’t proper airflow throughout the condenser, moisture can cause mold and rust in the unit – which is why we recommend keeping the unit uncovered. 

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