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Mini split systems for HVAC offer a flexible solution to cooling and heating your home, whether it be for a specific room that isn’t cooling properly, for an addition to your home, or even for the entire home! Is a mini split cooling and/or heating system right for you?

Single-Zone or Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems

You may have areas or rooms in your home, also known as zones, that may not reach the temperature that you desire. A zone is a term used to describe the different rooms in your home. Depending on the mini split system, there are single zone systems and multi zone systems.

A multi zone system consists of the condensing unit outside which connects to an air handler or a heat pump. An air handler/coil creates cool air while a heat pump produces warm air. If you are completing an addition with more than one room, a multi zone system can help you reach the desired temperature in each room. Depending on the mini split system you choose, some can provide cooling only while others handle both cooling and heating.

Single zone systems are ideal for just one room, or a home that requires more cooling and heating power than a portable unit can deliver but that is smaller sized and does not have ductwork. Our technicians can help find the best system for your home with a free in-home new system estimate!

How do mini split systems work?

Just like many HVAC systems, a mini split has an outside condenser which is attached to a line set. A line set is the tubing that connects the outside condenser to the indoor unit. The line set is responsible for carrying the refrigerant throughout your system. The room with the mini split system will have a remote to control the desired temperature. Depending on the settings you choose, the refrigerant is either cooled or heated (if it is a heat pump system and the mini split system in use can handle both cooling & heating.)

One key factor for mini splits is that they are “ductless,” meaning that they are able to function without connecting to home duct work.

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