Allow Us to Fix Furnace Damages

When you choose AA Temperature Services for your heater repair, you can expect a quick, efficient service call. The process is relatively simple, and our heating technicians will explain the ins and outs of your heater to you before we leave.


Like all things mechanical, furnaces can wear out and break. When you partner with AA Temperature Services, our HVAC technicians will diagnose your furnace and offer up a solution right away. Most of the time, it’s a simple issue we can fix in a jiffy. However, sometimes your furnace may need to be replaced if it’s old or the heater repairs would cost more than the value of a new one. Here are some signs to look for in terms of heater repair services:

    • Weird furnace smells on a regular basis
    • Your furnace takes a bit to kick on
    • The pilot light has changed color from a nice pretty blue to a pale yellow
    • Your furnace goes “pop” in the night — literally
    • Your home is cold, even with the heat on
    • Your carbon monoxide detector goes off
    • Your furnace is aging
    • Your furnace is not ventilating properly
    • Your heating bill is higher than normal

If you have been noticing temperature fluctuations at home, or worse, have you been having headaches or allergies of late, it’s probably because of damage to your heating unit. Contact AA Temperature Services so we can have your furnace repaired or replaced if needed. Looking for heat pump repair instead?

If you want to control the humidity at home, variable-speed furnaces are the best way to go. They help in constant air circulation, thereby enabling removal of moisture. We work on all types of home heating systems including, but not limited to, air handlers, furnaces, and boilers.

Emergency Heating Services

For emergency services, give us a call for quality services you can rely on, with our family-owned and operated company. We’ll have your systems running properly in no time!

We service all cities from Naples to Sarasota. Contact us today!