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In 2020, conversations about indoor air quality have increased dramatically. Indoor air quality can be significantly affected by microbial threats, particulates and allergens, plus unwanted gases or odors. Specifically for our customers in Florida — due to the high humidity and unique weather conditions — mold growth is a significant concern not only for air quality and safety but also for the life of the AC system itself.

If you’ve ever looked for solutions to these problems, you may have come across UV lights for HVAC systems as a potential solution. Are they a good investment for your Florida home?

How do UV lights and ionization for HVAC work?

UV — or ultraviolet light — has been used for decades in purification and sanitization. A study by Duke University Medical Center published by ScienceDaily in 2012 demonstrated the effectiveness of UV light in destroying drug resistant bacteria. Furthermore, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has noted that ultraviolet light shows promise as a preferred method for decontaminating filtering facepiece respirators, also known as FFRs.

Ionization/plasma-type devices such as the Reme Halo — which you’ll learn about more shortly — can work to purify your indoor air in tandem with a UV lamp system. In addition to destroying or reducing harmful pathogens and germs, these systems can help reduce allergens and particulates as well by causing them to cluster together — making it much easier for your AC systems’ filter to remove these larger particles before they are distributed inside your home.

What options do I have in Florida for UV lights and IAQ in my HVAC system?

Our technicians here at AA Temperature Services in southwest Florida swear by two devices: the Blu QR (a UV lamp type device) and the Reme Halo (a whole-home in-duct air purifier that can work with the Blu QR) They’ve been proven to work for our clients and stand up to the tough Florida humidity. Which one is right for you?

How the Blu QR can help in your Florida AC system

Blu QR UV Lights for HVAC in Florida

The Blu QR is an affordable, UV lamp-type device developed specifically based on feedback from technicians in the field. Its primary goal is to extend the life and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning coil system by reducing mold growth and disinfecting bacteria and viruses. It’s usually installed inside the air handler but can also be externally mounted depending on the individual setup.

With a low operating cost, you can protect your AC system for years to come with the Blu QR — and help increase the air quality in your home as well as controlling musty or moldy smells coming from the system. Of course, it will also help you save money on AC repairs by protecting the coil.

How the Reme HALO can help in your Florida AC system

Reme HALO UV Light for HVAC Systems in FloridaThe Reme Halo takes things a step further. Its primary goal is to operate as a whole-home in-duct air purifier, capable of purifying every cubic inch of air processed by your AC system.

It’s typically installed inside the air plenum of your existing air conditioning system. What makes the Reme Halo special is its Hydro-Peroxide plasma that actively scrubs the home and purifies air pollutants, rather then being dependent on the pollutants passing through it directly.

Because of this, the Reme Halo is ideal for improving the total indoor air quality, or IAQ of your home, and is a perfect solution for reducing allergens, pollutants, and odors as well.

What if I want to protect both my AC coil and the indoor air inside my home?

The Reme Halo and Blu QR are designed to work together! In fact, with a combination of these two devices, you can maximize the purification power in your home — as well as ensure that your AC coil is free from efficiency-draining and equipment-destroying mold growth.

Ok, I’m interested in improving my indoor air quality. How do I get started?

Give the pro HVAC technicians at AA Temperature Services a call at 941-766-0975 or contact us online. Each system is very different; our local Florida-based techs can speak with you directly — and inspect your system personally — to provide you with an affordable quote based on your individual UV light system and indoor air quality requirements. Our techs service a wide area from Sarasota to Naples.

We also have financing available, making it even easier to protect your system and your family from harmful pollutants.