The HVAC system in your home ensures you are comfortable at both the highest and lowest temperatures of the year. In order for that to continue to be the case for your home, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is in good working condition. In today’s blog post, the team at AA Temperature Services located in Punta Gorda is going to go over a few of the different things that you can do to maintain your HVAC system to ensure it continues to work properly.

Have the Ducts Cleaned

A form of maintenance that we do suggest getting done, just not as frequently as other forms of maintenance, is having your ducts cleaned. Your air ducts are where the cool and warm air will travel when they’re pushed into your home, so it makes sense that you’d want this air to travel through a clean vent. Over time, dust, allergens, pet hair, and the like can start to build up in your air ducts. While it’s not something that happens quickly or that needs to be dealt with often, it is something that you want to have done every couple of years.

To get a better idea of whether or not your air ducts would benefit from a cleaning, contacting a professional HVAC company to conduct an inspection or provide you with a consultation is a great starting point.

Clean Vents

While we’re on the topic of cleaning that can benefit your HVAC system, let’s talk about the vents where air is pushed out into the house. The vents that you see in the house are going to be exposed to more dust and debris than the ducts of your system, which is exactly why you want to take some time to clean them. By wiping down the exterior of the vents every couple of weeks, you can significantly reduce the amount of debris and dust that makes its way into your air ducts, thus improving the quality of air for a longer period of time.

Change the Filter

The HVAC system in your home not only ensures the air temperature is at a comfortable level, but it also enhances the air quality within your home. It does this by filtering all of the air that makes its way through the unit to then be heated or cooled. This is happening every time that your unit is working, so it isn’t too surprising that the air filter in your HVAC system is going to need replacing.

We suggest replacing the filters of your system every six months. This number can vary based on the number of people within the house or office space, whether there are animals in the household, or if there are any individuals with allergies living in the home. In those instances, you may find that you need to replace the filter more frequently than every six months.

Keep an Eye on Your Units

You may not be a professional when it comes to HVAC units, and we understand that! Even though that may be the case, keeping an eye on your outdoor AC unit can help catch things long before they become problems. From cleaning up any debris around your AC unit to listening for any strange noises that your furnace is making, being in the know with these major units can help key you into when you’re in need of a professional to come and inspect them.

Routine Maintenance

Having a professional come out and inspect your unit is one of the many ways that you can ensure it is in good working condition for years to come. Routine maintenance may seem like an additional cost that you are having to pay for a part of your home that is already pricey, but the reality is that this form of maintenance can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

HVAC companies are determined to provide their customers with preventative maintenance that helps to catch problems early on so that they don’t wind up becoming costly, time-consuming repairs or replacements. So, if you really want to ensure that your HVAC system lasts as long as you were quoted during the installation, make sure to schedule routine maintenance with a HVAC company that you trust.

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