UV Lights for HVACUV lights are a crucial component of any HVAC system in a Southwest Florida home — especially due to the high humidity. They’re an affordable way to:

  • Increase the life of your heating and cooling systems
  • Reduce damage caused by mold growth and avoid unnecessary repairs over time
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce airborne viruses and germs in the air you breathe inside your home

How do HVAC UV lights work?

It’s simple — all you need to do is have the professionals at AA Temperature Services install one for you. UV lights for HVAC are affordable, low maintenance, and don’t require any complicated setup or babysitting to clean the air in your home.

UV lights, such as the Blu QR, are usually installed in the air handler — although they can support external installation. In general, UV lights are compatible with virtually any in-duct HVAC system. However, each system is different, so we recommend having a service technician come out to your home to determine if any special setup is required. But chances are, you’ll be able to have a UV light installed.

Once installed, the UV light inside your HVAC system works silently in the background to purify the air moving through your system.

Benefits of HVAC UV Lights

  • Affordable to purchase and install
  • Low operating costs
  • Can be installed in virtually any in-duct system
  • Can be installed alongside additional whole-house air purification equipment such as the iWave-R or Reme Halo
  • Reduces moldy/musty smells coming from the AC
  • Kills mold, mildew, and bacteria on AC coils – extending the life of the system and reducing need for repairs

AA Temperature Services can install a UV light in your HVAC system!

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