IWave-R Whole House Air Purification | AA Temperature ServicesMany Florida homeowners know about HVAC UV lights, which can not only help to purify the air, but are extremely useful in mold remediation and improving the life of heating and cooling systems. (If you’re not familiar, you can find more information on HVAC UV lights here.)

While UV lights in your HVAC system are incredibly useful — and affordable as well — there are ways to take home air purification even further. For example, UV lights are quite effective at reducing airborne germs and viruses as well as preventing mold growth, but are not as effective for reducing particulates in the air such as pollen.

The solution? A whole-home air purification system such as the iWave-R, which utilizes different technologies and can work right along side your UV lights!

How does whole home air purification work?

One of our preferred systems is the iWave-R. This system utilizes positive and negative ions, specifically “needlepoint bi-polar ionization”. This method is safe for use in the home, and brings along with it several benefits that can augment your UV light system. (We also install the Reme Halo, a similarly high quality and effective system)

There’s nothing you need to do to enjoy the benefits of the iWave-R; all you need to do is give us a call, get a quote, and set up your installation! Our professional technicians will advise you if any special setup is necessary, but the system usually can be installed in most systems with no major requirements.

The iWave-R is self-cleaning and requires virtually no maintenance, plus it comes with a 3 year warranty!

Benefits of Whole Home Air Purification

  • Able to install in virtually any in-duct system, and alongside of a UV light system for the most effective way to remediate poor indoor air quality
  • Helps kill airborne viruses and germs
  • Helps to remediate mold growth and damage
  • Helps to reduce VOCs (e.g. from gases or smoke) which can cause odors and other problems
  • Through causing them to cluster together, the iWave-R (or similar devices) help to reduce allergens and particulates in the air such as pollen, dust, etc.

AA Temperature Services can install whole house air purification in your HVAC system!

If you’re looking to learn more, get a price quote, or set up your iWave-R installation — give us a call at 941-766-0975 or use the form below!

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